Back to the Sky with Me • Building a Better Community Together

The "2019 'Huaitian Has Me' Urban Affairs and Social Calculation Competition" is a competition organized in the context of the Beijing Municipal People's Government issuing the "Three-Year Action Plan for Optimizing and Upgrading Public Services and Infrastructure in the Huilongguan and Tiantongyuan Areas (2018-2020)." The competition focuses on activating the use of six categories of public spaces in the Huaitian area, including abandoned boiler rooms, basements, community pocket parks, residents' activity centers, small vacant rooms, and community outdoor sports facilities.

The goal is to recruit design solutions for these public spaces through targeted task packages opened to the public. The competition leverages the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission's special guidance fund for "Relocation, Rectification, and Promotion" to facilitate the implementation of the design projects.

The competition aims to activate social life in public spaces, fostering a sense of community belonging among residents in the Huaitian area. It seeks to promote connections between people and establish a symbiotic relationship between people and the city.

报名截止: 2019-05-20

作品提交截止: 2019-08-04

奖金: 315000

主办方: Beijing Changping District Youth League Committee