SkyCity19 challenges 'Future Housing

"After successfully completing our first SkyCity challenge, we are excited to invite architects, designers, artists, and engineers once again to participate in the SkyCity19 challenge 'Future Housing.' Current methods of construction are impacting our living environments, and they are limited and outdated. We believe that with the help of modern technology, we can create more sophisticated residences, fundamentally changing the future housing landscape.

We want you to design a home that can be disassembled and reused after a period, as if it were just a set of prefabricated modules. A home made up of ready-made panels that together form a simple and detachable assembly. We hope you use BCORE (a specially created stainless steel material by us) to design a part of this system. These components must be easy to transport using traditional container shipping and assembled anywhere on Earth by a small crew equipped with machinery. You can place your project in any location and environment on Earth."

报名截止: 2019-10-01

作品提交截止: 2019-10-01

类型: Competition Announcement (Ideas)

主办方: SkyCity