Competition for the Urban Revitalization and Open Concept of the 33 Districts in Yerevan, Armenia

The Yerevan Heritage Preservation Committee organized a creative competition for the urban revitalization of the 33 districts in Yerevan, Armenia. The competition aimed to find alternative solutions for this valuable historic area. The 33 districts, known to the public as "Firdusi," are one of the few remaining historical neighborhoods in Yerevan, situated in the city center near Republic Square.

The ongoing projects in the area have sparked public dissatisfaction and protests because weak urban planning policies over the past 20 years have erased the history and culture of Yerevan, leaving only a few places awaiting demolition. As the submitted projects have not yet received final approval, this initiative will influence the city government's ultimate decision. Therefore, the conceptual proposals for revitalizing the urban environment aim to highlight economically, socially, and environmentally feasible and sustainable solutions through an open and competitive process of urban development. These solutions will be based on principles of conserving and reevaluating the urban environment formed by history.

报名截止: 2020-09-10

主办方: The Committee for the Protection of Yerevan’s Heritage