A Storyful Design on Mirada Lake

From a historical perspective, the Ústí nad Labem region has undergone numerous rapid changes. The densely populated agricultural landscape disappeared after the establishment of numerous open-pit mines in the mid-20th century. Many villages were abandoned, severing the landscape's connections and the ties of former residents to the area.

After the reclamation of the Chabařovice mine, everything around Mirada Lake was opened to the public in 2015. Due to its excellent water quality and serene natural environment, Mirada Lake has become a popular destination for locals engaging in swimming, water sports, rollerblading, and cycling. However, the area lacks basic recreational facilities, has insufficient transportation connectivity, and is not fully integrated into its surroundings. Competition entries should propose the spatial organization of the site, improve its accessibility, enhance the recreational conditions and facilities, while emphasizing the site's narrative and preserving its environmental values. Additionally, a part of the area is intended for residential development.

报名截止: 2020-07-31

主办方: ONplan