"Indian Lighting Craftsmanship" Luminaire Design Competition

Renowned architect and lighting designer Arjun Rathi recently announced an open lighting design competition called "Indian Lighting Craftsmanship," encouraging the use of non-traditional materials and exploring sustainable approaches to modern design. The competition aims to create an independent luminaire that seamlessly blends form and function—exploring the subtle boundary between technical and decorative lighting, creating a kind of "techno-decorative" luminaire.

While emphasizing sustainable materials and craftsmanship, the competition's goal is to design a luminaire for mass production, suitable for residential, commercial, or institutional projects. A compelling aspect of the program is that winning designs will undergo prototype design and commercial production by Arjun Rathi Design, and winners will receive design credits and sales royalties.

报名截止: 2020-08-07

主办方: Arjun Rathi Design